Smart Solutions for Educators

clevr is a cloud-hosted application that provides educators with the tools they need to implement, collect, access and analyze information about the things that matter most.  


Create grade-to-grade transition plans, school-to-school management forms and an array of specific educational checklists for any environment.


Develop clear and concise Individual Education Plans, Individual Program Plans, Adaptive Learning Plans and much more.


Collaborate on student success with in-school team intervention tracking, response to intervention logging and clinician case load management forms.

What is clevr?

clevr is an effective electronic data collection template solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to implement, manage, distribute, process, and store information on electronic templates and forms. Easily integrated with existing enterprise level technology, clevr eliminates the need for physical storage of forms, reduces incoming paper, and streamlines tasks.

The ability to develop and implement customized templates within clevr is what sets us apart from other software packages. With our dynamic software template development functionality, quick turn – around time and the professional commitment to understanding the needs of our clients, we are able to consistently deliver highly effective solutions.

Now, with the launch of editor in clevr, clients have the ability to independently edit existing forms and create their own custom data collection forms from scratch! Gallery allows educators to share, collaborate, and learn from others at a National, State, District and School level.

How is clevr being used?

Student Forms

  • ABA Referrals
  • Alternative Report Cards
  • Alternative Transportation Requests
  • Assistive Technology Request
  • Attendance Referral
  • Behaviour Plans
  • Case Management
  • Co-op Education
  • Counsellors Referral and Contact Logs
  • Fountas & Pinnell Data Collection
  • Inclusion & Intervention Plan (IIPs)
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Individual Program Plans (IPPs)
  • Intensive Support Request Form
  • Literacy & Numeracy Assessments
  • Long Term Suspension
  • Medical Management Plan
  • Off Campus
  • OT Referrals and Student Contact Logs
  • Psychologist Referrals & Assessment Reports
  • PT Referrals & Assessments
  • RTI Referral & Success Plans
  • Running Records
  • Safe Schools Incident Report
  • Safety Plans
  • Social Workers Case Management
  • Speech & Language Referrals and Reports
  • Special Funding Requests
  • Specialized Equipment Tracking (SEA)
  • Student Services Referrals
  • Suicide Risk Assessment Forms
  • VTRAs

Staff Forms

  • Clerical Performance Appraisal Report
  • Contract & Long Term Supply Teachers Evaluation
  • EA Performance Appraisal
  • Guidance Counsellor Evaluation
  • Incident, Accident & Injury Reports
  • Principal Evaluations
  • Teacher Performance Appraisals
  • Teacher Self Assessment & Reflection
  • Teacher Training Profile
  • VP/P 5 Year Growth Plan
  • Workplace Violence Incident Tracking

School/District Forms

  • 3 Year System Strategic Plan
  • Emergency Response Form
  • Enrolment Forms (Sept counts)
  • Keeping Our Schools Safe
  • School Dashboard
  • School Development Plans
  • School Improvement Plans (SIPs)
  • Telephone Request Form